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Colleen M

Garthblog, I love those buffalo! They are so fantastic! They are one of the things I would visit near-daily when I first moved to San Francisco and didn't have a job (haha, recurring theme joke.) And now that I live here, I don't visit as much, but when I go by them, it is the best day.


I hear they never attack the same place on the fence twice. Smart little buggers they are.


Yah, they're great.  Usually though they're all huddled at the very back of the enclosure where they're difficult to see.  I was riding by and I noticed them out in the open so I had to take a shot!


Did you hear that they are thinking about introducing a male buffalo so they can breed? Right now it's all aging ladies and if they don't get 'em procreating, the GG buffalo are going to die out.

Here's the story on SFGate.


Woah, I didn't know that.  Maybe if they weren't such wallflowers, they'd have garnered the attention of some young stud by now.

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