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Out of curiosity, do you know why it's called Hotel Tomo? Does "tomo" mean something in Japanese?


"Tomo" is either a particle which among other things means 'both', and apparently can also mean 'Friend' on its own with out the 'datchi' part (as in tomodachi).  I'll ask my Japanese friend how he interprets it...


Well, "Tomo" could mean: friend (友), together (共), follow (供), archery wrist guard (鞆), or stern of a boat(艫).

I don't know which meaning they were going for, sorry about not finishing.


Thanks for the clarification! :)


[this is good] This hotel is really so cute and designed by the guy from Giant Robot and costs about $95/night!


[this is good] Oh! Kyle and I went there a while ago. The blue thing actually is not comfy at all. XD  And there is a Giant Robot vending machine in the lobby.

I made some of my Australian friends stay there this coming OCT just so I can take a peek at some of the rooms. Supposedly some of the rooms will eventually be equipped with Wii's!!!

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