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Papi Chulo

He wasn't out of hand at all and fuck those 50 people in that room for letting five cops treat someone like that. 


You're totally right;  in the context of getting hauled out and assaulted by police he wasn't out of hand at all.  However, to categorically say he wasn't out of hand at all implies that this whole situation happened only because he said things that made John Kerry uncomfortable.  The guy starts by asking some good questions that I probably would have wanted to hear the answer to.  However, we never hear the answers, not because John Kerry won't answer them but because this guy just won't shut up.  The questions turn in to accusations and ranting.
The incorrect response is to stop him by force.  The correct response would have been to just let him run out of steam.  And yah, the audience should have done something.


[das ist gut]

Just like any technology, Tasers can be mis-used, and, unfortunately, there's a growing concern that more and more, Tasers are being used as punishment, not as a later means of de-escalating threats of violence as they are supposed to be used.  This kid was just engaging in the manic passion that many college kids have to wade through before they figure out the best means for expressing their political opinions.  This is totally a mis-use of Taser technology and every campus police officer involved here should be reprimanded accordingly, the one who taser-ed receiving the harshest reprimand, and the others who allowed their colleague to taser the kid receiving reprimands as well. 

(What's the proper spelling of the verb form of the word anyway?  I feel like there should be a 'z' since that's how we pronounce it.) 

The Seattle P-I is doing a report on Taser use - http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/specials/tasers/



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