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Lisa Phillips

welcome home!


Thanks!  I guess I should have prefaced this post by saying I had just returned from Tokyo which has arguably the best transit system in the world.


Muni metro timetable looks like a complete mess. When I wait for a line at Civic Station to get the N-judah inbound, I waited like 25 minutes, and meanwhile I counted 10 or so other trains coming outbound, but no single inbound train. It was just a mid of the day and the platform had a messy lot of crowd waiting for inbound.


ahah. I had a flat tire this week-end, so I let my bike at the office the time to purchase a new tube, well, to make a long story short, I had to go to the office from my new place. I crossed the T-line and thought about waiting the train. I didn't gave this think a long shot. I told myself that public transportation here just doesn't work and I'd better go by foot -- which I hopefully did!

I didn't see a single inbound train!


The T-Third Street is in beta until April, so expect problems.

It sounds like the train you were waiting for was stuck in the Market Street tunnel for some reason. That tunnel is a single point of failure where a delay of any single train impacts all 6 Muni Metro lines, with such narrow headways between trains there isn't even room for people blocking the doors from closing.

Then you have Metro delays on the surface. Every line except the T-Third Street spends a lot or most of it's time in mixed traffic with cars. The N-Judah is one of the worst because as it runs through Cole Valley it's on a two a two lane street where just this weekend a truck double parked in front of a store delayed my boyfriend's train 15 minutes and led too another train ending up right behind it, instead of the 15 minute intervals it's supposed to have. Again it's a single point of failure, but it also means there's no way to order the trains as they enter the tunnel.

So while the T-Third Street has it's own private lanes almost the entire route (and the section where it doesn't traffic is so light and the way it's designed, the trains will delay the cars instead of the cars delaying the trains) except it will still have to share that tunnel where the other lines can screw it up.

As for that downtown train you saw stuck across the intersection from the station, my guess would be it was getting a red signal by mistake and the computer wouldn't let the train move, not because the train was a ahead of schedule (right now they are having a 5 minute or so layover so riders can pay and transfer, and the driver gets some time to stretch his legs and take a break)

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