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[いいですね] Nice view! Really enjoyable path to work :)

Sometimes I like construction view in twilight time or night time too. They light up the site for safe. It's not like christmas tree but I think it's so beautiful, isn't it?.

A river running at the back of my house and our cutcherry does riverbank reinforcement project yearly at least, by the way. They started it last week. They put out strange yellow delta flags behind the bridge, and two flotage cranes towering now. It's pretty much interesting view (like your photos) and I tried to took some picture last week but...um, as you know my cellular's camera, the quality was so poor and it very disappointed me. Well, I'm enjoying my walk to work everyday too!


I've been similary enjoying the rise of Philly's new tallest building, the Comcast Center.

Evening Sun

Originally uploaded by jmhoriel.


Oh bummer: Comments don't accept photos. At least the link to Flickr works.


Cool!  That looks like an interesting thing to watch go up.  The stuff around me is a lot smaller scale, but the good thing is that I can always watch from the ground!

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